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Business Hours

Kim's Kids is licensed as an extended hour center, however business is conducted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Kim's Kids may close for staff training every three months. 

Extended Hour Care/Ratios

These hours require strict scheduling, in advance. While the center is open 12 hours per day, it is essential that we know exact schedules. That will enable us to maintain proper ratio.


Kim's Kids does not provide transportation except for occasional field trips. There are reliable transportation services that parents can contract with personally. Please understand all of their rules and policies, as your agreements strictly with the service and does not, at any time, include Kim's Kids. 

Parent Teacher Communication

We strongly encourage parents to keep in touch with management and staff. Hopefully parents will be attending parent meetings which are held monthly.  A daily or weekly information sheet will accompany your child. This form will explain, in detail, how the child's day or week went. Join our parent advisory board.


Staff prepares meals in our Grade A kitchen. We maintain strict standards of cleanliness, food selection, and preparation. A food service manager is on site to ensure safety and teach proper food handling techniques. All staff has had Hep A and TB immunization. Children are offered breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and evening snack according to their scheduled attendance times.

Special needs

Children with special needs are welcome at Kim's Kids, if the center has resources to handle their individual needs. Special needs children will be treated as any other child. Other children will be able to learn from the child--- we are all the same, and all different in our own special way! If the child has needs that are beyond the staff's abilities, the parents will be notified, and staff will assist the parent to receive services elsewhere. 

Tuition/ Late fees

There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $50 upon admission. In some cases, this fee may be waived. Tuition rates are subject to change, and will be listed on separate form. Fees are due in full, upon arrival on the first business day of the month. Fees can be paid via check, credit card, or money order to Kim's Kids. NO CASH PAYMENTS, please. Children may be denied admission when fees are not paid. 

When you will be later than your agreed upon schedule, please contact the center. Late fees rates are subject to change, and will be discussed with you along with tuition plans. 


All children are charged the same rates, based on their age. Families who receive subsidies, are treated equally with those who pay private. Co-pays are collected at the beginning of each month. Private payments are made prior to service